division [də vizh′ən]
[ME divisioun < L divisio < divisus, pp. of dividere]
1. a dividing or being divided; separation
2. a sharing or apportioning; distribution
3. a difference of opinion; disagreement
4. a separation into groups in voting
5. anything that divides; partition; boundary
6. anything separated or distinguished from the whole or from the larger unit of which it is a part, as
a) a particular section of a country, state, etc. divided off as for administration
b) a particular department of a government, business, school, or other organization
c) a particular rank or kind, as of students or athletes, based on achievement, age, sex, etc.
d) a segment, as of the body
7. Biol. a major category in the classification of living organisms, esp. plants, ranking above a class and below a kingdom: it can include one class or many similar classes: the Latinized division names are capitalized but not italicized (Ex.: Pinophyta, gymnosperms): cf. PHYLUM (n. 1)
8. Hort. a form of plant propagation in which new plants are grown from segments detached from the parent plant
9. Math. the process of finding how many times a number (the divisor) is contained in another number (the dividend): the number of times equals the quotient
10. Mil. a major tactical or administrative unit that can act independently and is under one command; specif.,
a) an army unit larger than a regiment and smaller than a corps, to which various numbers and types of battalions can be attached as required
b) a tactical subdivision of a naval squadron
c) an air force unit of two or more combat wings

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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